7 signs of brake problems: Rush to your mechanic if you encounter any of them!

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Brakes are one of the most important components of any vehicle. It is more crucial than others because it ensures the safety of the driver and co-passengers. So, ignoring brake-related issues is like deliberately lending into trouble and putting your and your family members’ lives at stake. Ignoring brake problems at an initial stage can also burn a huge hole in your pocket, leading to costly repairs.

Being one of the most crucial parts of the vehicle, brakes are meticulously designed by the automobile companies. When the brake’s health starts to deteriorate, it shows symptoms such as dashboard indicators, strange noise, and performance abnormalities. It is wise to consider these signs, stay vigilant and drive straight to the mechanic if you encounter any of these indicators.

Sign 1: Brake light on the dashboard:

The swanky new-age cars come with dashboard indicators for various issues, and the brake light is one of them. If you see the brake warning light blinking on the dashboard, do not ignore it. It turns red or yellow when your car’s breaks need attention. When this light blinks, it is a clear sign that you need to get your brakes inspected by an experienced mechanic. Many auto repair shops even offer free visual inspections to detect potential brake problems.

Sign 2: Strange noises:

Brakes release strange noises in their detrimental state. They are similar to grinding or squeaking sounds. So, if you hear these sounds while hitting the brake pedal, it is time for a brake inspection. It suggests that your car needs new brake pads. In most cases, squealing noise comes when the worn-out brake pads get in touch with the rotor. Timely replacement of brake pads can prevent further damage and save you from expensive repairs.

Sign 3: Vibrating steering wheel:

While driving, if you feel the steering wheel vibrating under your grip, you must get your brakes checked. Uneven rotors can create a wobbling sensation or vibration. These brake rotors are placed inside the vehicle’s wheels. They are assigned the crucial task of stopping the wheels from spinning when the brake is applied. They are one of the most used parts of the vehicle and hence, prone to wear and tear and irregularities over a period of time. If neglected, these irregularities can lead to vibrations during braking. That is why it is important to get the brakes checked by a skilled mechanic. He may suggest replacing the rotors to restore smooth and safe braking.

Sign 4: Unusual brake pedal:

Those driving the vehicle regularly know when the brake pedals feel unusual. If they need more

pressure to stop the car, there is a high chance that your brake system has been contaminated with air or moisture. It can also indicate some problems in the master cylinder. A soft brake pedal

delays the process of slowing down and, therefore, must not be ignored. Rush quickly to your nearest car repair shop to diagnose the underlying issue.

Sign 5: Brake fluid leakage:

A brake caliper plays a crucial role in disc brakes’ operation. It refers to a device that houses brake pads and facilitates the process of stopping the vehicle. Brake fluid creates hydraulic pressure against the brake caliper. As a result, the brake can stop the wheels from spinning. The leakage or decline in brake fluid level obstructs this smooth process. When a professional mechanic inspects the brake system, he can identify the origin of the leakage and suggest solutions. Without brake fluid, the vehicle would lose its braking power. Therefore, to ensure your and other vehicles’ safety on the road, you should address the brake fluid leakage problem immediately.

Sign 6: Uneven brake force distribution:

Do you feel your car pulls to one side while applying brakes? If so, it may indicate something wrong with the brake hose or caliper. This problem leads to serious consequences, as uneven brake force distribution can affect your vehicle’s stability. Experienced technicians can identify and rectify issues hindering the brake hose or caliper’s performance. So, get it checked before the problem escalates.

Sign 7: Sharp odour:

A sharp, burning odour is a typical sign of overheated brakes. If you experience it, pull over the car to a safe location and give your brakes some time to cool down. Driving with heated brake pads can jeopardize your safety. Also, once you reach the nearest car service centre, get it inspected and replaced. It can be caused due to malfunctioning of brake calipers. An expert mechanic would be able to detect the reason and offer a cost-effective solution.

Vehicle brakes play a crucial role in your safety. Therefore, even a minute problem should not be overlooked. If you encounter any of the above seven warning signs, head straight to your trusted mechanic and get it repaired before taking your next ride.