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Fuel injectors get damaged and blocked with metal swarf as well as other fuel contaminants, build-up and residue that drivers can both feel behind the wheel and in their wallet. It is quite a common issue that decreases your vehicle’s power delivery and responsiveness.

Acacia Automatics has become synonymous with fuel injection servicing. We diagnose, service and maintain the vehicle’s fuel injection system that includes common rail, pumps and governors in our state of the art workshop facilities.

We maintain our workshop with the latest and most advanced servicing machinery available in the market. We provide both high-end commercial fleet maintenance as well as normal servicing and repairs for customer vehicles. Our mechanics take immense pride in providing a professional and friendly service while offering our customers the very best parts at the most competitive prices.

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This ensures you will receive the most Affordable and Honest Service on the Brisbane Market Today.
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Getting your vehicle’s automatic transmission system serviced regularly to avoid future repairs, however, if something goes wrong, we have got your back. Transmission is an integral and one of the most sensitive components of a vehicle, and if it malfunctions, the vehicle comes to a standstill.

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Acacia Automatics is your QLD based mechanic, providing excellence in our automotive services. We specialise in Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Skoda and other brands’ makes and models. We provide a wide range of performance parts for vehicles to increase its engine power and all types of servicing at a competitively low price.